ABOUT: Ron Martinelli, Ph.D.

Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., CMI-V, BCFT, CFA

America’s Forensic Expert

ron-sun-glasses-best“Dr. Ron Martinelli is a nationally renowned forensic criminologist who is the only police expert in the country who is also a Certified Medical Investigator at the physician’s level.

Dr. Martinelli directs the nation’s only multidisciplinary Forensic Death Investigations & Independent Review Team and specializes in forensic investigations including officer-involved and civilian self-defense death cases.

Dr. Martinelli is a retired San Jose (CA) Police Department detective with a background in investigations, medicine and applied sciences including forensics, psychology & psychological profiling; physiology and human factors; violent crimes and death scene investigations. He has been referred to in the forensics and legal community as the “expert’s expert.”

Dr. Martinelli provides forensic expert services to several State Attorney Generals’ Offices, major metropolitan cities, the USMC Judge Advocate General’s Office and numerous nationally prominent private law firms. He is also a contributing forensic investigations expert for FOX News, CNN, OANN, Discovery, History and Investigations Discovery channels and is a contributing writer to USA TODAY, POLICE Magazine, Law & Order Magazine, The Forensic Examiner, The Law Enforcement Executive Journal, PoliceOne.com and Officer.com.

Dr. Ron Martinelli’s forensic and law enforcement social media website is found at: www.DrRonMartinelli.com where readers can find his insightful commentary and forensic articles addressing a variety of topics relating to the forensics, law enforcement and First Responder communities. His firm’s website is found at: www.martinelliandassoc.com.


25 thoughts on “ABOUT: Ron Martinelli, Ph.D.

  1. I met Ron and attended his 3rd well attended presentation: Blacks Lives Matter and The War On Police at the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association conference ( ILEETA ) in March 2016.

    Ron opened my eyes to the reality and background of this anarchist group whose goal is to disrupt our free way of life in the U.S.
    It really is: Black LIES Matter.

    Ron provided the real evidence about Ferguson, Trayvon Martin, Chicago today and the ” hired ” agitators sent to protest across America by unconscionable shakedown artists protected by money and political connections. Even the shakedown artists are screwing their hired thug agitators ( #cutthecheck ).

    Ron provides the real facts from accurate, reliable sources about the sad reality that more blacks are killed by other blacks than by law enforcement. BLM is very silent about this reality.

    Ron concluded with a recommendation for educating people properly about civil rights in the U.S. Starting in the schools educating people about the law, law enforcement’s role , search & seizure, what a person can and cannot do. This is especially important for educating our immigrants seeking to stay in the U.S. legally.

    I am looking forward to reading his new book: The Truth Behind The Black Lives Matter Movement And The War On Police.

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  2. Dear Ron:

    Thank you for your great work and insight into Black Lives Matter. I’ve not only enjoyed your book, I’ve also gained self-introspection into how and why I believe the way I do insofar as this group.

    For example, I’ve always had this idea there are criminal commonalities: Lack of respect for authority; unwillingness to assume responsibility; inability to have trusting relationships; lack of communications skills–especially to express emotions; and a lack of vision for a hopeful, prosperous and fulfilled future. I’ve always believed for the “future career criminal,” the ordinary tasks of growing up and maturing are a series of perverse exercises, frustrating the person’s needs, stunting the capacity for empathy, and diminishing the ability to live in either the community of home with parents, or the community of man.

    Yet I gathered from your book there is a “criminal” vs. “emotional unhealthy” difference, when some persons are simply bad not mad, crafty not crazy; when criminal behavior is more a disorder of character and personality–not of the mind. It’s like just because someone is not emotionally well does not that person is mentally ill.

    Entitled, narcissistic, and selfish—are the traits of the unassimilated, the conflicted. Your Black Lives Matter book reminds me of these traits not only in this BLM group, but in myself. Thank you.

    Rick Martinez
    Glendale, CA

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  3. Hi Mark. Sorry for the delay. I just now learned how to access comments of followers to respond. Very appreciative of your comments. Happy New Year. See you again this year at ILEETA! DrRon


  4. After retiring from San Jose PD as a detective, I was a reserve and then a police officer and detective for a couple years at Morro Bay. My private practice was getting just too busy, so I left and devoted full time to my practice. Thanks for your kind comments.
    Be safe. DrRon


  5. Al, Thanks so very much for your comments. Been a long and fruitful ride so far with much more to do. Thanks for following me. Be safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving. God Bless. DrRon


  6. Dr. Ron: I’m writing my 4th book and had the opportunity to speak with a retired (After 12 yrs) St. Louis PD Detective. He’s the holder of FIVE medals of Valor. Wonder if you’d consider talking to him. Had a lott of problems that come with the valor.

    Ken Dye


  7. Hey Dr Ron, I am a college student and I am doing a research paper on black lives matter and their allies. One of the things that we have to do for this project is speak to an expert in that field. Would you be willing to answer some questions?
    1. How effective is the black lives matter ?
    2. How can we get more allies from other races and ethnics to support the movement ?
    3. Do you believe police brutality against African American will ever end?


  8. Have you read my book for the true facts behind the BLM? I believe that the BLM is a Marxist, subversive anti-government, anti-law enforcement organization. I am not interested in any project that seeks to enable, empower or assist this organization. If that is your position, I would suggest that you first read my book. You will need to find another person with knowledge on the subject. Just not interested. DrRon


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  10. Just think before you automatically accept what this guy says is fact. He clearly has a one-sided view on events and claims to have a doctorate. Don’t doctors that you know display or mention in their bio where it is from and what the major is? Sounds like he is hiding something. Also, look at the cover of his book. He clearly is not using a credible publisher (which looks awful) which goes through an extensive editing process. It is probably self-published which anyone can do. He also talks about criminal profiling a lot. Anyone in the field of criminology or psychology field knows that profiling is not scientifically validated and is simply educated guessing. I think there is little of value found on this site and probably in his book (I will never purchase to find out).


  11. I read your comments on the situation in California !. The next step in this terrible situation is for the Federal Government is to bail out bankrupt California.
    I have forwarded your comments to my Democratic Congressman pointing out that when he voted for Nancy Pelosia as Speaker of the House this is what he voted for–someone whose interest and concern for those she represents is totally ZERO. She is self centered narrcistic individuaL
    How do I obtain your book Black Lives Matter.
    Thank for your keen insight,


  12. I totally agree with you Andrew. I looked at the cover of his book and it does look like it is not from a credible publisher. Also, I couldn’t find his degree area or school either. The doctors I know have this posted to show their clients they are either licensed or credible in the area they work. He doesn’t seem to. Also, when he talks about BLM, he sounds awfully paranoid doesn’t he?


  13. Suzanne. First, I’m not a physician. I’m a forensic criminologist and medical investigator. My degrees and credentials are easily found on several sites including LinkedIn.

    Next, my book has an ISBN that is easily found.
    All of the information in my book including all references are also easily found in the book.

    If you have to speculate instead of simply doing your homework, you’re not the type of person interested in facts.

    I’m not paranoid about Black Lives Matter movement, I’m worried about it. I’m completely transparent about my research and work.

    DrRon Martinelli


  14. Anyone prudent and reasonable person interested in criminal justice issues and proper police procedures including investigative work needs to read Ronald Martinelli!s books. I was fortunate to take several of his classes over 30 years ago. And, having 2 degrees and 3 law enforcement academies with specialized experience in certain investigations with several agencies, no one is better educated, trained or qualified that Dr. Ron!


  15. Anyone prudent and reasonable person interested in criminal justice issues and proper police procedures including investigative work needs to read Ronald Martinelli!s books. I was fortunate to take several of his classes over 30 years ago. And, having 2 degrees and 3 law enforcement academies with specialized experience in certain investigations with several agencies, no one is better educated, trained or qualified than Dr. Ron!


  16. Hey Suzanne! I am glad you see the same things that I do. I looked the book up and it is not published by a prominent publishing company in the behavioral sciences or criminal justice fields. Those are John Wiley & Sons, Oxford, Springer, SAGE, Routledge, and a select few others. He’s definitely hiding his degrees, otherwise, it would be easy to find on his own site. In my office and on my professional social media outlets, my degrees, license, and certifications are open book to establish my competency and ability to practice. I think the moral to the story is just to use a little critical thinking and you would see a real doctor and then this guy.


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