Chicago Police “Cooking the Books” on Homicide Stats

  Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., CMI-V Copyright © 09-18-17 Politics is entering all facets of police work these days. Whether its chiefs and sheriff’s siding with liberal politicians to support Sanctuary City status and not cooperating with Border Patrol/ICE; chiefs ordering their officers to “stand down” against violent alt-left – alt-right and anarchist protesters; or chiefs… Read More Chicago Police “Cooking the Books” on Homicide Stats

President-elect Trump’s Media Paradigm Shift

Ron Martinelli, Ph. D. Copyright (C) 01-03-17 It’s been over three weeks since Donald J. Trump won the Presidential election and eighteen days until he assumes the mantle as our nation’s 45th President and the elite media still doesn’t “get it.” Get what? First, how Trump won the election over “Crooked Hillary” Clinton; and second,… Read More President-elect Trump’s Media Paradigm Shift