America’s Culture War

Ron Martinelli, Ph.D. Copyright © 10-24-17 “Hands up; don’t shoot!” Taking a knee during the National Anthem. Economic disparity. Social injustice. Racism. White privilege. Black Lives Matter, Black Nationalism, Antifa, Occupy, Marxists, fascists, illegal aliens, the alt-right, law enforcement, the NFL, the military, religion, secularism, denial of free speech. There is a Culture War brewing… Read More America’s Culture War

Newly Released FBI Report – Black Extremist Groups In America

Forensic criminologist, police expert and author of the new book, “The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police,” DrRon Martinelli discusses the FBI report findings on One America News’s Tipping Point with host Liz Wheeler. Learn how these dangerous and violent Marxist/Communist groups plan to dismantle law enforcement to attack… Read More Newly Released FBI Report – Black Extremist Groups In America

No real “controversy” in the “6 minutes” radio report issue – DrRon explains on OAN

Nationally renowned forensic criminologist and homicide expert DrRon Martinelli explains the media’s issues with the “6 minute radio report controversy” in the Stephen Paddock Las Vegas mass murder. There really is NO “controversy;” just reporters who don’t grasp forensic investigations and changing timelines due to re-interviews of witnesses. Watch and share.