Remove the Incentive to Serve and You Get No Service

Written on 6/1/2015

  1. The city administration is not committed to suppressing crime. Proactive policing, coupled with support of the community and the city administration to suppress crime is what is needed immediately to reduce felony crimes.
  1. The city needs to get off of the entitlement system: both federal and state. Entitled people living in government subsidized house, using EBTs, on welfare, etc. have no “buy in” or “skin in the game” to maintain their neighborhoods, get educated, obtain meaningful employment skills, look for work/obtain employment. When you have neighborhoods full of people living off of the government, there is zero incentive to advance. Why should they? They are literally getting EVERYTHING they need to live for FREE. If you are getting everything for free,there is NO incentive to PROTECT what you have; maintain your neighborhoods, keep them crime free. When you have that mentality and you have people with a criminal mindset willing to exploit that mentality to sell drugs,form gangs, steal from others, rob others – then you have those same people willing to KILL others.
  1. The vast majority of police officers enter law enforcement to serve and protect their communities. When the community and a governments remove that incentive to serve – they harrass, criticize, seek to indict officers for being proective in suppressing crime – you effectively remove ALL incentive to serve. That’s where you get police work slow-downs, or work stoppages. No officers working proactively to suppress crime equals rises in property and violent crimes. This is not rocket science.

Summary: The public cannot have it BOTH ways. Either committ 100% to changing mindsets of entitlements and supporting police, or become hostages in their own homes. It’s that simple.

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