Voters in CA Sign Phony Petition to Disarm Police

Watching this U-Tube video is scary. Let there be no doubt that the law enforcement community is in big trouble. Take note that ALL of the people who signed this petition – whites, blacks, young adults, parents – are of voting age, After specifically being told that they were signing a petition to ban officers from carrying guns, they had no problem signing the petition. Yes, DISARMING the police in high crime neighborhoods; AND they signed it.

These are your voters for the 2016 election. They will vote for our next President, congress members and Senators. They will vote to enact new laws – like DISARMING THE POLICE. Now if that isn’t scary, I don’t know what is.

As a First Responder, ever asked yourself who’s got your back? Well, the CA voters who were video taped signing this phony petition to disarm their police sure don’t. Yes, you can shake your head, smile and call them stupid morons, but I’m not laughing. I don’t laugh at scary things. I get very concerned. And so should you.

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