Americans Need to Become “Americanized”

Today is December 7th; the day that former President Franklin D. Roosevelt said was a day that would live in “infamy.” On that day, thousands of American soldiers, sailors and civilians were murdered in a surprise and unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor. The following day on December 8th, President Roosevelt held an emergency joint session of the Congress and Senate and declared war against our new enemy the Empire of Japan. This was a different time; with much different Americans who led and inhabited our nation.

America today is a far different place than it was 74 years ago. Our political leaders are different and the profile of the average American citizen is also quite different. We have become a nation of “hyphenated-Americans” comprised of African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans and now Muslim-Americans. There are apparently relatively few real “Americans.” We are a nation polarized as never before.

If you listen to our madrasa educated President Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch who apparently reside in a self-imposed bubble; you will hear that we are at war not with the identified combined forces, combat cells and lone wolfs comprising radical Islamic extremist terrorism. Instead, you will hear that the real enemies of our nation are a proliferation of guns; anti-Muslim rhetoric and workplace violence. No one in the administration is allowed to say the words “radical Islamic extremists” or “radical Islamic jihadist terrorists.”

Our Senate and Congress who are supposed to be our system of checks and balances in the protection of our nation are impotent. They are talkers; not actors. Strong national leadership is almost non-existent. Our lame duck President directs this nation by the fiat of executive orders that make sense to almost no one. Yet, there are never enough votes to overrule and veto his actions. This is disgusting and cowardly.

Our millenniums and many of our older Generation X Americans are uneducated and disengaged regarding the history of their birthright. They are narcissistic, self-absorbed and easily offended sissies who have no context regarding our nation’s Founding Fathers; our wars; and the heroes who sacrificed some or all to secure our freedoms. They have no idea of the level of the terrorist threats we face today.

America is all about context and the shared sacrifice of its military and civilians at home. It is a context formed by the knowledge of and appreciation for those who either fought in a revolution and numerous world wars to create and protect this nation; or supported the war efforts for those who did. If you have no such context, you truly cannot appreciate or honor that birthright. Instead you look at your freedoms just another “entitlement.” If this is your mindset, you are not a real American. You are simply a parasite who is benefiting from the sacrifices of others.

Over 30% of people polled consistently support this President’s decisions; no matter what actions he takes to diminish America’s position of strength in the world. They have no idea as to how to protect our homeland from those who have openly declared their commitment to destroy us through terrorist jihad. These lemmings support open borders, allowing practically anyone to enter and live within our borders. They support allowing tens of thousands of unvetted refugees and immigrants to enter and settle here. They support relaxing the vetting, visa and citizenship standards. They appear ambivalent to the chaos and significant potential of further acts of terrorism such jihadist wolves among the sheep will pose. This thirty plus percentile of so-called “Americans” scare me and they should scare you as well. They are dangerous and an obstruction to our survival.

It is time that many of the 30%er “bubble heads” come to realize that our federal government cannot protect us from many terrorist threats. The federal government mindset is like a sleeping person reacting to an alarm clock. Every time there is a terrorist “wake-up call;” 9-11; Fort Hood; the Boston Marathon bombings; and now the San Bernardino, CA terrorist massacre; our President, his administration; and our politicians simply hit the snooze button for five more minutes of sleep. They shuffle a few things around; issue the obligatory condolences to victims and their families; clamor for new regulations; and fall back to sleep. This was evidenced in President Obama’s speech last night. Meanwhile we are left to our own devices about how we can keep ourselves and our families safe. This mentality is dangerous; destructive and must change.

So how do we change? What changes are needed right now?

Muslim extremist terrorists are successful in killing us and accomplishing the objective of terrorism which is creating disruption by terror; because they have become radicalized and are totally committed to their jihad against us. The terrorists and their supporters are committed to destroying all of us. We are seen by them as uncommitted and disengaged in the protection of our nation and ultimately ourselves. This mindset must change if we are to survive as a nation; a people; and as a culture.

Here’s what I suggest as a plan to re-engage the terrorist threat as real Americans. We must “Americanize” our mindset; just as they radicalize theirs.

#1 – Assume an “America First” attitude. Former President John F. Kennedy once famously asked, “Ask not what your country will do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” Stop being hyphenated-Americans and start becoming real Americans. Support and commit to an “America First” attitude in all things. I am not talking about isolation from the world. On the contrary, I am talking about first strengthening our nation’s infrastructure to protect it and us from terrorist and other anti-American foreign threats. Remember that America cannot really provide viable support to other nations in peril of jihadist terrorism and other anti-American international powers if our enemies and other nations see us as weak and uncommitted. Demand a declaration of war and a commitment to fight it.

#2 – Stop dumping on law enforcement. The terrorist mass killings in San Bernardino, CA should teach us all an important lesson. Local municipal law enforcement agencies and not the federal government, or our military are the real First Responders in America’s new War of Terror.

Stop believing and supporting the false narratives of the Black Lives Matter movement and other radical Marxist groups who want to disarm police. As we have seen in San Bernardino, in Colorado Springs and in Aurora, CO; police run towards the gunfire and will take a bullet for you. Respect them; don’t obstruct them. They have a very difficult job to do.

There are the sheep and the sheep dogs. The cops are the sheep dogs. If you are one of the sheep; support the sheep dogs; law enforcement. This is no time to further enable the “Ferguson effect,” where cops are afraid to help us when we desperately need their assistance. Give the police all of the tools they need to fight the fight on our streets.

#3 – The only person who can immediately protect you is you. The cops and the feds will never get to you before you are confronted by armed terrorists. Educate yourself on self-protection and the protection of your family. Learn self defense; have a plan. Buy and gun and learn how to use it. Get a concealed carry permit and carry a weapon. If you don’t like guns; then you had better start working out; practice running and have an even better plan than the armed guy/gal. Better yet; just get the hell out of my way when I’m trying to protect myself and my family with my gun!

#4 – Close our borders. There is no way our nation can protect itself unless we don’t immediately stop all foreign immigration. That’s right. Stop it all for now until we can get a viable immigration control system in place. The current federal vetting system is horrible. Our borders are too porous and we really have no credible vetting system of checks and balances to thoroughly screen who is coming into our country. The female terrorist from Pakistan with an unvetted visa and green card from San Bernardino proved that.

This is a different time than when our parents and grandparents entered this country as immigrants. Move swiftly to immediately fund and build the walls separating the U.S. from Mexico and Canada. Stop this foolishness now before we all get killed.

#5 – Revoke visas, green cards and all other forms of non-citizenship documents from anyone suspected of anti-American activity. Deport all persons suspected on anti-American activities. It is absolutely ridiculous and extremely dangerous to allow non-citizens to remain in this country who are suspected of anti-American and/or terrorist related activities such as communicating with known terrorists, organizations, and jihadist websites.

No person on a terror watch list; suspected of terrorist activities, or support; should be employed by any governmental agency.

All persons on terror watch lists should be immediately rounded up; have their papers revoked and be deported from this country if there is sufficient probable cause to support such allegations. That’s right. I said with “probable cause” only. Desperate times require desperate measures.

I believe that the extreme dangers to this country and its people posed by non-citizens involved in terrorist activities or encouraging, or supporting terrorism provide for the exigency of a Presidential executive order allowing an exception to the rights of due process.

The FBI and our other federal agencies simply do not have the manpower and resources to surveil thousands of people suspected of terrorist ties and support activities. Get rid of them! We cannot afford to continue to play a “catch up” game with terrorists and their supporters. We can never win that game.

#6 – Gun control. Absolutely no one who is not an American citizen should be able to purchase any type of firearm, gun powder, or any accessories that would allow them to manufacture ammunition. Further, any person found to be facilitating straw purchases of firearms should be arrested on felony charges; imprisoned; and or immediately deported if they are not an American citizen.

#7 – Aiding, abetting, supporting anti-American/terrorist activities. We need to remove the conduits of support for those who plot, plan and involve themselves in suspected acts of terrorism. Anyone found to have traveled from the U.S. to other nations for the purpose of training; or in anyway supporting terrorists should not be allowed to re-enter the U.S. All of their immigration documents to visit or apply for U.S. citizenship should be revoked and the persons should never be allowed to enter the U.S. again. Any persons found to have donated money to fund any anti-American and/or terrorist organizations or persons should be treated similarly.

#8 – Stop the political correctness. If you see something; say something! Enough of all of the “PC” BS already. If you see or hear about suspicious activity that might be jihadist related; call the cops and report it. Terrorists and their sympathizers deliberately create an atmosphere where Americans are meant to feel guilty if you “profile” or report suspicious activity. That’s exactly what I am suggesting you do. Profile suspicious activity and call it in! Let the cops figure out the reasonable suspicion and probable cause issues. That’s what we pay them to do. Police also need to take all calls regarding suspicious activity seriously. Any credible lead can save lives. San Bernardino, CA taught us all that valuable lesson.

In summary, it is time for Americans to become “Americanized” again if we are to survive this declared Muslim extremist’s jihadist war against our nation, our Western culture and our people. We have done more than any other nation in the world to embrace immigrants. Now we need to be re-embracing our own nation’s values, our culture and our freedoms. We need to recommit to American principles; participate in a shared sacrifice; and do everything thing possible to protect this great nation. If we don’t, we will surely see an America where no one will ever be truly free from terrorism. That is not the country I want to live in.

Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., CMI-V, is a nationally renowned forensic criminologist and police expert who resides near San Bernardino, CA. Dr. Martinelli has trained thousands of police officers and directs the nation’s only Forensic Death Investigations Team. Visit his site at