President Obama – Boy in a Bubble

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 President Obama – Boy in the Bubble

 Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., CMI-V

Forensic Criminologist/Police Expert

Beatcats w Susp Veh  SB Terrorists

Copyright © 12-07-15

Dear Mr. President. We hate to say we told you so; but we told you so. We in the law enforcement, intelligence, Homeland Security and military communities have repeatedly warned you that if not stopped and affirmatively destroyed; radical Muslim extremist terrorists would bring Jihad to our shores. How does it feel to be “The Boy in the Bubble?”

This past week, America was again attacked by confirmed radical, Muslim extremist, Jihadist terrorists. Say the words after me; “Muslim extremist terrorists.” You had better learn the language because it will be in the lexicon of your FBI director, your Attorney General and your CIA and NSA directors from now on.

We in “non-PC” law enforcement; the military; the credible intelligence community; and the “fair and balanced” news media have been using those words for years. We have consistently been warning you and your anally myopic lemmings that more innocent Americans would be slaughtered unless you recognized radical Islamic terrorism for what it is. We have implored you to do everything possible to protect our “open borders” nation. Instead, you have done nothing but criticize and pedantically lecture us inferring racism; while leveraging to bring even more unvetted refugees and illegal aliens into our country.

Radical Islamic extremist terrorists are not just among us; they now ARE us. True to your promise, you have fundamentally changed America. We are now a weaker nation; unable to protect our citizens. Our international status has diminished. We are indecisive. Our allies no longer trust us. Our borders are porous. We have become Europe and this week we became France. Nice job.

Say what you want about George Bush; but he kept us safe after 9-11. Your watch has been a far different story. Count them off. The Ft. Hood massacre; the Boston Marathon bombing; and now the worst incident in The U.S. since 9-11; the massacre of innocents in San Bernardino, CA.

Last week before the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, sixty-eight percent of Americans disagreed with your actions. The new polls aren’t even out yet; but I surmise that even more Americans have left your rapidly sinking ship. Your popularity is in the toilet. How does it feel to be a President almost without a country? This will be your lasting legacy. Even Hillary Clinton is thinking of a way to distance herself from you. Her problem is that she needs what is left of your uber-liberal base.

Spin all you want about the issue being “gun control.” The vast majority of real Americans see that the REAL problems are Islamic extremists; unvetted refugees; and illegal alien control. When you tell us that “there are 300 people on the terror watch list who could buy guns;” all people like me think is “Why the hell are these 300 people on a terrorist watch list even in our country?!”

As a retired cop you irk me. You don’t have the slightest notion of what it takes for law enforcement to protect Americans at home. Cops; not the military; are the First Responders to home borne terrorist acts. 9-11, Ft. Hood, the Boston Marathon and other incidents should have taught you that.

And where is your head? Three weeks ago to gain favor with your Black Lives Matter base, you punished law enforcement by ending the 1033 program that provides cops with life saving equipment like Bearcat armored vehicles and rifles. This is the very equipment the police needed to take on an active shooter in Colorado Springs; and to take out the heavily armed Islamic terrorists in San Bernardino. Time to rethink that one.

Personally, my brothers and sisters in arms and I have had enough of your BS in denying the existence of Islamic extremist terrorists in our country. These are not people to be negotiated with. They are people to be identified; hunted down and killed before they kill more of us. Their supporters should be immediately expelled from this country as well.

We are done with you advancing your gun control agenda over these blatant threats to our nation and its citizens. We are done with you making American citizens be more concerned about “profiling” suspected jihadists; than they are about telling law enforcement about suspicious and criminal activities.

If you’re not going to wake up and protect us; then at least get out of our way so we can protect ourselves!

About the Author

Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., CMI-V, is a nationally renowned forensic criminologist and police expert. He is a retired police detective and a well known police tactical trainer who has trained hundreds of officers in San Bernardino County, CA. His site is