“DrRon” on Cleveland’s Radio 1420 AM with Bob Frantz discussing Hillary Clinton’s “positive gangs” and today’s crime news Thursday AM

Forensic Criminologist, police expert and author of the new best-selling book, “The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police,” Dr. Ron Martinelli will be the featured guest on Cleveland’s popular AM drive-time talk show “Bob Frantz’s Beat” with host Bob Frantz.

DrRon will be discussing everything from disengaged Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s ridiculous comment last week that what America needs is “positive street gangs;” to what communities like Cleveland can do to reduce violence and deadly encounters with police.

Bob Frantz and DrRon will also be discussing his new best selling book on the inside story of the militant and violent Black Lives Matter Marxist political organization.

Tune in tomorrow, Thursday 7:05 AM PST, 9:05 AM PST and 10:05 AM EST to the Bob Frantz Show on Cleveland’s AM 1420 “The Answer” to Dr. Ron Martinelli and Bob discussing today’s issues revolving around crime and criminology. This program is also available via the Internet. See you tomorrow!police-line-cop-cars-jpg