The War On Police Is Real

Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., CMI-V
Forensic Criminologist/Police Expert
Copyright © July 20, 2016

In less than two weeks, America has seen nine of its law enforcement officers assassinated and over two score seriously injured on its blood streets. All of the fallen officers were murdered in cowardly fashion without any real opportunity to defend themselves. Eight of the officers shot down in Dallas and in Baton Rouge were killed by former military members using military tactics. The ninth officer lost yesterday in Kansas City was summarily shot to death in his own patrol car without warning while responding to a drive-by shooting.

A review of the current statistics of officers killed in the line of duty as of yesterday documents that to date (07-19-16), thirty-two law enforcement officers have been murdered by firearms. This is a 72% increase over 2015’s officer’s shot/killed statistics at this same time of year when eighteen LEO’s lost their lives to armed suspects. It is most important to know that if the current rate of officers murdered by armed suspects continues, by the end of this year we will have surpassed all law enforcement officers killed by armed suspects in 2013 by over 100%. This is an amazing and terrifying state of affairs that has not occurred since the days of Prohibition Mafioso’s and Bonnie & Clyde-style bandits yielding Thompson sub-machine guns.

Today’s officers down statistics clearly prove that this is a war on police in America. Do not believe the false narratives of Black Lives Matter surrogates and others, including uninformed media pundits that exclaim that officer deaths are down. They are lying. We know the truth. Today, our television screens are filled with weekly coverage of police officer funerals. This has got to stop.

It seems that America and Americans have lost their moral compass. Many would rather believe the false narratives and outright deceit of the far left and Marxist, militant groups like Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panther Party, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton that police officers get up in the morning, waiting for the opportunity to confront and gun down innocent black men.

Unfortunately, we have no leadership at the federal level that could be employed to protect our brave officers. Instead, our President and Attorney General Loretta Lynch regularly invite Marxists and provocateurs like BLM leaders and criminal Al Sharpton into their offices for consultation. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, no stranger to criminal investigations herself, and former Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders have made BLM leaders their confidants and have already accepted the BLM “Campaign Zero” plan to change policing in America forever. You can already detect Campaign Zero objectives in their campaign speech rhetoric. If Hillary Clinton becomes President, our new Supreme Court will make anti-law enforcement decisions that will impact the police and criminal justice communities for the next forty years. If this becomes reality, Community Policing will experience a paradigm shift that will ultimately spiral downwards to what we now see in Europe; or worse yet, to Second World Nation policing that looks more like an occupying, than a police force.

The objectives of the Black Lives Matter “Campaign Zero” police plan and the manner in which they have publically comported themselves is simple. I refer to it as the “Four – D’s,” Disenfranchise and Diminish law enforcement from the public by the non-stop use of false narratives regarding police encounters with the minority community; Defund law enforcement community policing programs; and ultimately Dissolve law enforcement entirely.

Why would these groups seek to destroy democratic policing by consent? That answer is simple. Law enforcement protects the Rule of Law. Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panther Party, and Black Liberation organizations are all Marxist and Communist based. The BLM and its supportive political organizations are part of a great global movement referred to as “One World; One Struggle.” This is why leaders of the BLM movement have shown up in Northern Ireland, Cuba and the Middle East with Hamas. What do these terrorist and communist governments and organizations have to do with black lives? Nothing; but they have a lot to do with fermenting violent revolution.

The BLM and their surrogate movements are Black Nationalists who seek “liberation from white oppression.” They will fall into bed with any domestic or global entity which uses violent revolution to achieve its means; as long as those organizations promise them an opportunity of a Black Nationalist and separatist identity. Yes, that’s “crazy” when compared to our homogeneous nation of free peoples; but these people are wired differently. If you pay close attention to their anti-police, anti-government rhetoric, you will clearly hear Marxist, Community rhetoric. Please take time to research their Internet sites and videos.

The problem we have in America is that no one wants to take time researching and investigating the Black Lives Matter movement. It is easy to do because the movement and its leaders put it “all out there.” They hide very little about their ultimate goals and objectives to disenfranchise, diminish, defend and dissolve law enforcement. Their social media sites are replete with this rhetoric. Their professionally made signs are produced by http://www.RevCom, which is the Revolutionary Communist Party and other Marxist organizations. They receive major funding by European felon George Soros who controls the far-leftist Open Society and has funded other revolutionary movements.

Closer to home, powerful major black entertainers such as Jay Z and Beyoncé Carter have poured tens of thousands of dollars into BLM coffers to bail out violent protesters who set fire to black-owned businesses in Ferguson and Baltimore. Beyoncè’s recent anti-police, pro-Black Panther Party hit single video Formation which she produced at last year’s Super Bowl, was a call to arms for young, impressionable blacks.

The violent, anti-police, black revolutionary message of the BLM movement resonates with young disenfranchised blacks and ticking time bombs. These people share the same psychological and socioeconomic profile as young men from the Middle East who have been historically been recruited by ISIS to become terrorists and suicide bombers. This fact has not been lost on ISIS leaders who are now using news clips of BLM protests and violence against police in their Internet recruiting videos which have begun to focus on young black men. Why? Because young black men have no problems blending into society because they are home grown Americans. A young black man who is undereducated, abandoned by family, angry, and depressed; feeling that their situation that their situation is hopeless; and perhaps also mentally unstable; is an easy target for BLM and ISIS recruitment and these organizations know that. This is the psychological profile of America’s new domestic terrorist intent upon killing police. I guarantee that you will see this profile of future cop killers surface, whether their murderous acts will be ISIS, BLM, of Black Nationalist inspired.

America and its current and future federal, state and municipal leadership had better come to grips with our changing society. Police need to be supported and protected. Our leaders and our public need to be better educated on their serious threats poses by the Black Lives Matter movement, Black Nationalism and a growing Marxist, anti-law enforcement mentality. Our leaders need to understand and state to the public that police do not racially profile people; they criminally profile people. Police do not contact people because of their race; but because of their criminal behavior. If we cannot get past and overcome the false narratives, violent rhetoric of the BLM and its surrogates, we will lose more law enforcement officers. It’s a public; not a police choice.

Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., CMI-V, is a nationally renowned forensic criminologist and police expert who directs the nation’s only multidisciplinary Forensic Death Investigations and Independent Review Team. He is a retired San Jose (CA) PD detective and the author of the new, best-selling book, “The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police,” Dr. Martinelli insightful commentary is found at