Suspects drawing and accurately firing on officers in .25 seconds

Drawing and firing in .25 seconds – Regards the recent officer-involved shootings of armed suspects Keith Scott (Charlotte, NC) who held a handgun, but did not immediately point them towards officers; and Carnell Snell (Los Angeles, CA) who ran from police and then suddenly truned on them while holding a handgun. Also consider the recent officer-involved shooting in El Cajon (CA), where mentally disturbed subject  Alred Olango placed a hand into his pocket and against commands, suddenly pulled out a black cylindrical shaped vape dispenser and pointed it at an officer while holding it in a two-handed combat stance.

Watch this police video from an OIS in AZ recently to see how fast an armed suspect can draw and accurately fire upon officers. Two officers shot during this raid. The armed suspect was killed.


Then YOU decide “Shoot – Don’t shoot!” Easy to criticize when you’re not in the sights.