DrRon presents on Black Lives Matter and the War on Police while mainstream media seeks to diminish the truth

President Donald Trump has it right when he criticizes the left-leaning liberal mainstream news media’s coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement and the War on Police. Take it from me. As a media consultant and subject matter expert on the BLM, I see it all.

Evidence this news story from WISN reporter Terry Sater on my seminar this week produced for the Wisconsin Sheriff’s and Deputy Sheriff’s Association in Green Bay, WI. Mr. Sater personally asked me for an interview during the lunch break which I graciously granted to discuss what I was teaching the assembled Sheriff’s, Police Chiefs, WI Commission on Peace Officer Standards, WI Department of Justice and other law enforcement dignitaries.

While I was completely transparent with report Sater in responding honestly to all of his questions, he had his own “political slant” on things, referring to me and my book, “The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police,” (Amazon.com) as “controversial.” Really Mr. Sater? Well, please share with us just WHO besides you has labeled me and my popular book as being “controversial?” Certainly not the founders of the BLM movement, nor anyone I am aware of who have done so publicly. It’s important to note that Sater mentions that he reached out to leaders of the BLM movement for comment and no one had anything to say. Well there you go, Terry. That should have been a clue for you.

Mr. Sater began his interview with an attempted “got-ya” question, “So, are you tell officers here to hate blacks?” What?! Well, notice in the TV news segment that WISN managed to edit that first question out of their story. Mr. Sater managed to find nothing in my interview or seminar “controversial” or hateful. In fact, quite the opposite was true. Instead, the assembled LE professionals learned the history about the BLM, and its goals and objectives for diminishing, disenfranchising, defunding and destroying those who protect the Rule of Law and our democratic form of government.

The attendees learned how to audit, develop and author progressive policies; produce better training, fund their training; positively engage and educate their citizens on police authority and proper behavior; and to work with the minority community to affect positive change and better customer service. Apparently, so-called “reporter” Mr. Sater captured none of that when he was invited to part of the afternoon session of my program.

As I have recently written on this blog, the mainstream media had better wake up and smell the coffee with regard to truthful, accurate reporting or they will render themselves irrelevant in the public’s eye.

In closing, many thanks to Sheriff and outgoing Association President Jim Johnson and his fine organization of professionals for inviting me up to Green Bay this week. One fine group of law enforcement officers. Be safe out there!

Note: Catch me in Hartford, WI on March 7th where I produce another popular “The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement, the War on Police and Policing Strategies Moving Forward.”