Public Menace Police Chiefs and Sheriffs Who Place Politics over Public Safety

Ron Martinelli, Ph.D.

Copyright (C) 09-04-17

I said the words in my Oath of Office. They are written as a slogan on the sides of many police cars. I and other current and former cops like me consider it a sacred vow, “To Serve and Protect.” Unfortunately, words that now ring hollow and disingenuous when mouthed by a growing number of municipal police chiefs and even some sheriffs in today’s increasingly politicized law enforcement community.

Our nation is currently beset by a growing destructive and anti-democratic government movement comprised of militant Marxists like Black Lives Matter (BLM), fascist “Antifa,” anarchists, Occupy and other groups funded by George Soros’s Open Society conglomerate, the International Revolutionary Communist and Socialist Workers Parties and elitist celebrity police haters like Jay-Z and Beyoncé Carter. Their members wear masks, dress in black, carry Nazi-like flags, and are armed to the teeth with everything from semi-automatic assault rifles, improvised riot gear; to sticks, crude bludgeons and makeshift shields. Their clashes with opposing groups and police resemble a scene out of Braveheart.

In their confrontations with police, they are often better organized, equipped and have better and faster communications. They have no boundaries, cannot be trusted to keep their word regarding peaceful protest guidelines; are openly defiant, aggressive and violent. Their protests have often turned riotous, resulting in deaths and injuries to public and police.

The anti-government, anti-police militant underground are supported by and large encouraged and emboldened by an uninformed and naïve mainstream media and leftist politicians who have referred to them as “Freedom Fighters,” much like the Italian and German populations did with the black shirted fascists and brown shirted Nazis of the 1930’s – 1940’s.

The common goal of these assembled, yet divergent groups is simple – the destruction of our Democratic government, capitalism and our way of life as free people. Led by the racist, Marxist Black Lives Matter organization, their deliberate intent is to first remove law enforcement from the equation because police enforce and protect our “Rule of Law.”

Leading Democrats in our Senate and Congress like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters and others not only tolerate but covertly encourage these militant groups because they see them as a part of the uber-Democrat leftist “Resist” and anti-Trump” agenda. They would sadly make a Faustian agreement with the ilk’s of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Occupy and others and trade away our country and your freedoms to reclaim the White House.

The BLM formula to tear down law enforcement is quite simple. I refer to it as the “Four D’s.” Disenfranchise, Diminish, Defund and Dissolve. They refer to it in their literature and website as “Campaign Zero.”

Disenfranchise & Diminish – First, maximize the negative effects of so-called controversial officer-involved death cases during police encounters through fake news. This both creates a dislike for law enforcement officers and diminishes their credibility and effectiveness in the community.

Defund – Pressure naïve and politically expedient politicians to gradually legislate the defunding of successful law enforcement community, safety and security programs such as “broken windows policing,” “stop & frisk” and others. Former POTUS Obama was in their corner when he defunded the “1030 Program” which provided law enforcement agencies with needed riot gear, urban rifles, less-lethal weaponry and surplus armored military vehicles. Given the unrest in major American cities today, you can now see where the militant left was headed in removing riot gear and rescue vehicles from the law enforcement arsenal. It is important to know that pro-law enforcement POTUS Trump has recently signed an executive order reinstating the “1030 Program.”

Dissolve – Slowly, but deliberately remove specific policing authorities from municipal police agencies. In conjunction with defunding and a loss of public support for police, this minimizes the effectiveness and need for police enforcement. This has already manifested itself through weak, puppet police chiefs and sheriffs in “stand down” orders issued during protests, not equipping officers in safety gear for protest/riot duty, orders not to cooperate with federal ICE officers in Sanctuary cities and states, abandoning proactive “stop and frisk” enforcement, cease the ticketing of motorists and other ridiculous and dangerous orders.

Police chiefs and sheriffs who have become a public menace –

Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas, Sr. most notably put his once peaceful university town on the map as a city of shame by not only failing to proactively call out his Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy for making black racist, anti-white and misogynistic social media comments; but for leading the charge for Black Lives Matter and Antifa fascists to come to Charlottesville to remove a Civil War from the city’s Emancipation Park.

Chief Thomas allowed heavily armed alt-right, Black Lives Matter, Antifa and anarchist groups to enter his city carrying assault rifles, pistols, edged weapons and bludgeons. The opposing factions were attired in full riot gear with gas masks, helmets, protective clothing and were carrying make shift shields. In contrast, Chief Thomas allegedly initially refused to allow his officers to dress in protective riot gear that might look “too aggressive.” The chief then allegedly issued ‘Stand Down’ orders to his officers who were then forced to allow the opposing protest groups to co-mingle and clash in the park. The resulting riots led to the violent death of 32-year-old Heather Hayer and scores of protesters and some police officers being injured.

Berkeley (CA) Police Chief Andrew Greenwood, who works for avowed Antifa supporter Mayor Jesse Arreguin, deployed just over 50 of his officers without riot safety gear against over two thousand armed to the teeth Black Lives Matter, Antifa, communist and anarchist protesters who were protesting in opposition to an alt-right, conservative group at Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center Park.

By the early afternoon, the anti-police, Marxist, communist and anarchist protesters had easily breached the thin police lines. Chief Greenwood then gave orders for his officers to retreat from the park, thereby allowing the opposing factions of heavily armed protesters to clash. This resulted in several protesters, innocents and overwhelmed officers being injured.

When asked by the AP why he allowed the combatants to clash and cause injuries, Chief Greenwood replied, “No need for a confrontation over a patch of grass.” Whatever happened to the chief’s ‘community caretaking’ public safety obligation? Apparently, he was absent in chief’s school when law, ethics and professional responsibility were taught.

One must remember that this was the same police chief who allowed Antifa and anarchists to riot, vandalize and arson U.C. Berkeley and police vehicles back in February. This the logical result when you have become a police puppet for an Antifa fascist mayor. But what of the chief’s oath of office to serve, protect and defend the public and his officers against threats? It is conveniently forgotten.

Sheriffs Sally Hernandez, Travis County (TX) & Ross Mirkarmi, San Francisco (CA) Both Sheriffs Hernandez and now former Sheriff Mirkarmi have been prominent and proud proponents of the Sanctuary City/County/State debate controversy. So, let me get this right, we have a federal statute against coming into and being in the U.S. illegally. Peace officers also take an Oath of Office wherein they swear to uphold all our laws. Peace officer are supposed to protect and enforce the Rule of Law. Yet, both peace officers have chosen to ignore the Rule of Law, their Oaths of Office, their public safety obligation to their public and officers; and defy the federal government because they either politically and/or personally disagree with our laws on immigration.

What society will we have when peace officers get to choose which laws they enforce and ignore? How convenient to be able to clear one’s social conscience, while allowing the public and subordinate officers to be murdered and otherwise victimized by violent, illegal alien criminals. One has no further to look for an example than former Sheriff Mirkarmi’s refusal to inform ICE that his jail was releasing Juan Sanchez, who then murdered Kate Steinle on the streets of San Francisco.

Conflict within the law enforcement community – Those within the law enforcement community; especially administrators, need to be asking themselves where should they draw the line where civilian oversight is concerned.

The conundrum appears to be the confluence of the oversight of irresponsible and corrupt civilians over law enforcement; and weak, inexperienced and politically correct law enforcement administrators who place position and pension over public safety.

Clearly, municipal administrators who have racist, fascist and/or anti-law enforcement leanings cannot be allowed to provide oversight over peace officers whose job it is to enforce the rule of law and protect citizens and communities. When that is allowed, we open the door to another era of Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Joseph Stalin and their ilk. That is exactly how they started. America and the law enforcement community do not need such Deja-vu moments in our history.

Addressing the public menace of weak law enforcement administrators –

Ridding the public of the menace of weak, scared and/or politically correct law enforcement administrators can only be resolved by the public and law enforcement community taking assertive action. Since public menace administrators seemed to be joined at the hip to politically biased and corrupt public officials, the voting booth is where this battle should ultimately be fought.

The frustrated public and police associations need to band together to place candidates on the ballot who can successfully oppose these people. Mayors, city councilpersons and sheriffs are all elected officials. Vote corrupt and dangerous officials out of office.

Next, and in the meantime, community coalitions of conservative, pro-law enforcement voters and police association need to aggressively demonstrate their First Amendment right of peaceful assembly, protest and informational picketing of all public officials and “PC” police administrators who hamper and obstruct the law enforcement mission to create and maintain safe communities. There is power in positive, peaceful protest. Protest brings pressure to bear on politically expedient politicians. Use this power.

Ultimately, we get the government and the law enforcement administrators we deserve when we don’t speak up and use the power of the voice and vote. No police officer, deputy sheriff or citizen should risk their lives because corrupt politicians and weak-kneed and politically inept law enforcement administrators refuse to obey their sworn oaths of office.

About the Author

Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., CMI-V, is a nationally renowned forensic criminologist and law enforcement expert who directs the nation’s only Forensic Death Investigations and Independent Review Team. Dr. Martinelli is a retired San Jose (CA) detective who provides expert services to several State Attorney Generals’ Offices and major metropolitan cities across the U.S. He is the author of the book, “The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police,” ( His forensic site is found at