DrRon Hosts New Forensic & Crime Show on America Out Loud

Nationally renowned forensic criminologist and law enforcement expert “DrRon” Martinelli will be hosting his own nationally syndicated radio talk show in January, 2018 on America Out Loud (www.AmericaOutLoud.com).

DrRon’s new show, “A Thread of Evidence,” will be a daily show featuring current and breaking news stories, fascinating discussions on crime, forensic and CSI topics nationally and internationally; as well as in-depth interviews with other national forensic experts, police investigators and members of his own Forensic Death Investigations Team.

Learn all about how police investigate the most complex, controversial and horrific crimes using the most modern forensic investigation tools. Referred to by the national media as “America’s Forensic Expert,” DrRon Martinelli separates “TV forensic fantasy” from real forensic investigation work. Get in-depth inside knowledge on officer-involved shootings, in-custody deaths, suicides vs homicides, suspicious deaths, active shooters, weaponry, self-defense, deadly force, gun violence, laws of arrest, search & seizure, police pursuits, dangerous drugs, SWAT, undercover operations, psychological profiling, criminal and civil trials, police encounters and the dangers of police work in today’s society.

DrRon will also talk about the exploding employment world of civilian forensic specialists and how civilians can train for future forensic investigation jobs in the American law enforcement sector.

A Thread of Evidence will programmed to start in mid-January on Tuesdays through Fridays and back again on Mondays at 6-7 pm, Pacific Time; 7-8 pm Central Time and 9-10 pm Eastern Time on http://www.AmericaOutLoud.com. If you miss any of his programs, they will also be offered on podcast.

No matter if you are a law enforcement, forensic professional; a student or just someone who is fascinated by crime stories and forensic investigations, DrRon Martinelli’s A Thread of Evidence will be your escape into the world of crime, forensics and mystery.

Tune in to A Thread of Evidence with your host DrRon Martinelli on http://www.AmericaOutLoud.com in January, 2018.