But Not for Judge Kavanaugh Go We

America Out Loud.com- But Not for Judge Kavanaugh Go We

May God bless and guide him in his future decisions. While we can be thankful for that, we should be reminded that the pure evil in the hearts of those self-serving, power hungry politicians who tried to vanquish this public servant remain in power – for now.

I don’t know about you, but I’m suddenly scared about the future of this great nation. Why am I scared you ask? Because I’m a forensic investigator, an ex-cop and a sheepdog who has spent his entire career keeping the wolves at bay so you and your family are safe day and night. Now I’m worried about my place in society. I’m not so sure I can protect you anymore. And now you are the ones who should be scared.

After witnessing the politically motivated near destruction of an outstanding man who has devoted his entire life to the service of the law and justice, and who is by most all but the most specious of accounts a wonderful human being who donates much of his personal time to the service of others; I fear for us all. Because there but for Justice Kavanaugh; go we.

This is a pivotal, historic and tragic moment for the foundational concepts of our constitutional protections, civil rights and the Rule of Law that have sustained our Republic since the time of the birth of our nation. These concepts even survived the ravages of our great Civil War, the depression, five major wars and conflicts, the civil rights era, 45 Presidents and various political parties.

The civil rights protections of our 5th Amendment guaranteeing due process and the presumption of innocence, have been suddenly and violently corrupted and kidnapped by power grabbing, self-serving politicians, activists, militants and fascists seeking to overthrow our criminal and civil justice systems. Legal standards of proof have been usurped and abolished in favor of emotionally compelling testimony unsupported by any forensic evidence whatsoever, over factual credibility.

Make no mistake. Leftist politicians and their minions with a destructive political agenda who have stated and amply demonstrated that they are completely willing to destroy the name, reputation and family of a good man by any means necessary; will stop at nothing to tear apart the fabric of our constitution and Bill of Rights.

Think I am wrong? Think again and witness with me a list of events over the last two months. Fascist so-called “Antifa” members have accosted, verbally assaulted and literally chased Presidential Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Saunders from a restaurant in Connecticut. Judge Kavanaugh’s wife and small children have received anonymous death threats. Militant protesters have physically accosted, verbally harassed and blocked the paths of conservative politicians in airline terminals, restaurants, on public streets and in the very halls of the Senate and Congress. An intern of a well-known Resist Trump congresswoman with a security clearance was recently arrested after he breached a secure government database, stole the personal, residence information and cell phone numbers of five Republican Senators in the Judge Kavanaugh hearings and then posted them on social media. This is the same congresswoman who had another intern who yelled out “F-You!” at President Trump as he was walking through the hallowed hallways of the Capitol building last month. I don’t have enough space in this article to post the scores of other violations of law, decency and decorum.

I don’t care what your political persuasion is. What is happening in America right now is wrong. The Democratic Party has been kidnapped by leftists, socialists, Marxists, militant feminists, Black Lives Matter and fascist Antifa members. The party and its militant soldiers who we see in increasing numbers are being funded by well-known anti-democracy behind the veiled curtain villains such as convicted felon and currency manipulator George Soros. The Russian election meddlers can’t hold a candle to the likes of George Soros and his Open Society and secret Tides Foundation which have sponsored, bought and paid for leftist-socialist politicians and conspirators.

The same politicians and political entities that are accusing Judge Kavanaugh of sexual impropriety and making him out to be an alcohol fueled gang rapist without any evidence or supported witness testimony whatsoever; are the same people and organizations who are accosting, threatening, assaulting, and harassing Republican politicians and conservative voters nationwide. In many cases, they are coincidentally also the very same politicians, organizations, entities and funders who seek to diminish, disenfranchise, defund and dissolve law enforcement who like me, are the sheep dogs who enforce the Rule of Law and defend your civil rights. That should scare any rationally thinking person in this country.

The well-planned political strategy that set Judge Kavanaugh up and almost succeeded in keeping him off the U.S. Supreme Court and totally destroying him can be used against any of us. You need to review the specious, biased and disgraceful statements and arguments of the politicians on the Senate Review Board who voted against Judge Kavanaugh to see this.

If politicians who should be the very guardians of our democracy and civil rights, can forward specious, unsupported and horrendous criminal allegations that go back nearly forty years to a person’s high school and early college years in an effort to destroy a man; while also destroying the life and reputation of a female pawn they cared nothing for in the process; they can destroy any of us.

If we allow the deniers of due process, civil rights and the presumption of innocence to prevail, our young men and women in their future society would have no quarter, no respite, no truth and certainly no justice in defending themselves against unsupported allegations. It then becomes the battle of who yells accusations the loudest; who cries the most; and who yields political power. It is absolutely Faustian and Naziesque. It will become our national nightmare and the beginning of our fall from grace as a nation.

Judge Kavanaugh has prevailed and
he will now sit on the Supreme Court.

May God bless and guide him in his future decisions. While we can be thankful for that, we should be reminded that the pure evil in the hearts of those self-serving, power hungry politicians who tried to vanquish this public servant remain in power – for now.

“Remember Judge Kavanaugh!” should become the rallying cry for all of us who believe in and fight for justice and what is right. We must all become sheep dogs fully engaged in the protection of the Rule of Law and our precious civil rights. We must always remember that every day, we are fighting a war for the soul of American values. We must clearly understand and commit ourselves completely to winning the struggle for truth, ethics, honor, values and justice for all Americans regardless of political affiliation. We must never forget that “Without truth, there is no justice.”


Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., CMI-V, is a nationally renowned forensic criminologist and retired police detective with the San Jose (CA) Police Department. Dr. Martinelli directs the nation’s only Forensic Death Investigations & Independent review Team and is the author of the new book, “The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police,” The Show: A Thread of Evidence deals with real crime stories; their victims, violators; and cops and forensic investigators who solve those crimes and bring the bad guys to justice. Go out onto the mean streets; visit the crimes scenes and work in the forensic lab with your host nationally renowned forensic criminologist and investigator DrRon Martinelli.