Our “Dis-Armed Forces”: If They Can’t Protect themselves, How Can they Protect us?

Ron Martinelli, Ph.D.

    Forensic Criminologist/Police Expert

              Copyright © July 21, 2015

The recent terrorist attack on U.S. military recruiting office and a military installation resulting in the murder of four Marines and a sailor was the 21st such attack on U.S. soil since 9-11. It is embarrassing, naïve and dangerous for the Obama administration and Pentagon strawman generals to continue with a “heads in the sand” attitude that such attacks are “work place violence” (Ft. Hood), or “lone wolf crazies.” Evidence has repeatedly proven that neither scenario is the case. We are under attack.

This administration and/or our military “leaders” believe that we are no longer at war with Islamic extremist terrorists. However, the fact is that Islamic terrorists are 100% committed to waging Jihad against us on our own soil. If anyone suggested that police officers only be armed while they are on the street and not when they are in their offices or on premise, Americans would think them insane. Yet, that’s exactly what this President and his Pentagon wooden soldier generals have effectively done to the men and women in our “dis-Armed Forces” by forbidding them from carrying side arms while on military installations and otherwise engaged in military duties.

Let me get this right. We spend billions of dollars to train and equip the men and women of our Armed Forces to seek out and kill the enemy. We entrust them with side arms, assault rifles, machine guns and an entire array of lethal weaponry. Yet, we don’t have enough confidence in them to allow them to carry exposed or concealed side arms while on military installations and/or while engaged in military duties? How’s that working so far? It isn’t and there are a pile of dead soldier/Marine/sailor bodies over the past recent years attesting to the sheer stupidity of this dangerous decision.

So far, our soldiers, Marines and sailors have been murdered in active shooter incidents involving only one gunman at a time.  Can you imagine what is going to happen when a Jihadist terrorist squad sized cell breaches the gate(s) of one of our military installations heavily armed with assault weapons and explosives? I hope we are not expecting the poorly trained and equipped civilian “law enforcement” vendors the Pentagon has contracted with to respond to and effectively stop this type of threat. The vast majority of these “wannabe cops” are working for private vendors because they couldn’t pass the selection process to become real cops.

Enough of this insanity! Our federal administration and Pentagon officials need to stop being politically correct and immediately address this security lapse in military security and common sense. It is high time the military directive that has disarmed our forces on U.S. soil be rescinded and steps be immediately taken to train and allow our troops to wear and use exposed and concealed side arms for self-defense.