Debunking the “21-Foot Rule” in Law Enforcement Deadly Force Training

NBC News covers forensic criminologist, police expert and use of force/deadly force researcher DrRon Martinelli’s research that is debunking the outdated “21-Foot Rule” in law enforcement deadly force training. Now, more agencies are training their officers in Dr. Martinelli’s more realistic, practical and safer “Gun Assault Positioning” (GAP) tactic during encounters with suspects wielding edged weapons.

Of course, liberal NBC news put their “slant” on their story, alleging that law enforcement officers have needlessly killed “thousands” of suspects holding edged weapons and used Berkeley Professor Franklin Zimring’s skewed statistics drawn from Wikipedia to support their claim.

In reality, as Dr. Martinelli pointed out to the investigative reporters (which was conveniently edited out of the story), every officer encounter with a subject armed with an edged weapon is unique and circumstance dependent. However, the NBC piece does accurately cover and demonstrate Dr. Martinelli’s forensic human factors research on Action-Reaction Perception Lag Time, the reactionary gap and why officers should never compress time and distance when dealing with suspects armed with edged weapons.

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