American Citizenship Is Not a Lottery.

When we diminish the meaning and importance of being an American citizen, then we should not be at all surprised when immigrants that we bring into this country have no respect for our country, our values, our government and our citizens.

The recent mass murder and wounding of American and international citizens in New York City by 29-year old ISIS radicalized terrorist Sayfullo Saipov, an immigrant of Uzbekistan, has brought to light a little known immigration program referred to as the “Diversity Visa Lottery.” This program was developed from a 1990 Democrat sponsored bill referred to as the Immigration Act which was originally authored by Congressman Bruce Morrison (D) of Connecticut, but was also supported by a number of Republicans. The bill passed the Senate 89-8 and the House 264-118. The bill was signed into law by then President George Bush.

The Diversity Visa Lottery is a State Department administrated program that allows 50,000 refugees from low-level immigration countries into the U.S. by arbitrarily awarding them with green card status which subsequently bestows permanent U.S. residency and a clear, unobstructed path to citizenship if they meet simple criteria: (1) have a high school or equivalent education; (2) two years of previous employment: (3) pass security screening; and (4) pass a personal interview.

State Department and U.S. immigration records document that one million green cards were issued in 2016, along with over 45,000 diversity visas. Once an immigrant receives a green card or visa, they can request that family members be allowed to also enter the U.S.

What type of vetting do immigrants such as Sayfullo Saipov receive?

Well apparently not much according to his profile developed by interviews with relatives, friends and neighbors. Saipov was apparently a hot head who didn’t play well with others. Relatives, neighbors and associates describe him as aloof and aggressive. He was fired from his job as a trucker after a customer complained about his attitude. Others felt that he might even have mental problems. Saipov had only limited education, employment and English speaking skills. He did not assimilate into American culture. He has admitted to becoming self-radicalized as an ISIS terrorist and is proud of it.

If journalists with only basic interview skills could learn all of this information about Saipov in less than one week that raised clear red flags about his fitness for American citizenship; then how come the State Department and U.S. Immigration found nothing during the few short years that Saipov was here prior to being granted permanent citizenship? This certainly bears the question of how many Saipov’s from this ridiculous, porous and unsafe immigration program are out there?

America’s immigration programs are steadily driving us towards 3rd World status

Have you noticed just how many immigrants are in this country who lack any meaningful education, employable job skills or proficiency in the English language? Why is this? Well, it is because our politicians want it this way.

As I have written before, 535 federal politicians control the destiny of over 330 million Americans. That destiny and our future can be optimistic, with tremendous growth and upper-level employment for the majority of Americans. Or it can be pessimistic and increasingly turn our country into more of a blighted nation with ever growing enclaves of 3rd World denizens of uneducated, low or unemployed, unskilled, non-English speaking masses, forever wallowing in government subsidy programs.

Just consider for one moment whether the latter profile would vote for more conservative programs that enhance education and job skills programs to create personal and financial independence away from a government subsidized life; or would they vote to continue receiving free subsidies without any accountability and you have your answer as to why some politicians don’t want merit based immigration reform. It’s the same reason why some politicians fight against voter ID laws. It’s really about enhancing an increasing power block of voters who will consistently vote to keep the status quo. Ergo, the significant increases in the population of uneducated, low-skilled, non-English speaking people who are completely dependent upon government subsistence.

It’s easy for ISIS to recruit from a 3rd World immigrant profile

As a former detective who investigated street gangs and interviewed thousands of gang members, I see very little difference between the recruitment strategies of common street gangs and terrorist organizations like ISIS. I have found that both psychologically and behaviorally, people all over the world have similar needs, albeit obviously on different economic levels.

The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs of a young man in Kabul, is not all that different from a young man in the ghettos of Detroit, Chicago, New York City or Los Angeles. They all need proper parenting, love, attention, guidance, respect, education, employable skills and a feeling of self-worth. When parenting, love and guidance are lacking at home; they will venture out and find people or an entity that will replace that which is missing in their hierarchy of needs. When they are uneducated, unskilled and without economic stability or self-worth; they are far more susceptible to the recruiters of gangs and terrorist organizations who promise them those things that are missing in their lives.

Dejected, depressed, angry and highly impressionable teens and young men who are stuck in the morass of government subsistence are easy prey for skilled gang and terrorist recruiters who know how to quickly turn that anger into hate. For the gang recruiter, they train their young gang plebes to hate and war against other rival gangs and the public. For the ISIS terrorist, they provide a verbal or Internet platform to turn the disenfranchised and perhaps the mentally troubled radicalized follower into a ticking time bomb jihadist soldier who is completely willing to indiscriminately kill others and sacrifice themselves for martyrdom and a place in their Heaven with Allah.

Reckless “feel good” immigration policies sacrifice national security and place us all in danger

When we allow reckless, politically correct, feel good immigration policies and programs to exist that allow refugees with nothing to bring to the American table of values and personal independent advancement to continue; we create exactly the type of depressive environment that enables rather than denies terrorist and street gang recruiters opportunities to turn young, impressionable men into members of ISIS or MS-13. Why provide that opportunity if we don’t need to?

President Trump has been long in favor of merit-based immigration reform where we stop bringing in low or no educated, low employment skilled, non-English speaking refugees and immigrants. Rather, he wants to place emphasis on bringing highly-educated, skilled and English speaking immigrants into this country. That makes a lot of sense.

Educated, skilled and employable immigrants who speak English are far more successful in assimilating into our American society and culture. They have more self-esteem and self-confidence, and are far less susceptible to the influences of street gang recruiters and ISIS radicalization because they have a buy-in to American society. They see opportunities for success and advancement instead of the depression of the societal prison of Section 8 housing and a monthly EBT payout that steals their self-confidence and self-worth.

American citizenship is not a lottery. Rather, it is something to be attained through hard work, commitment, assimilation and the pride of personal achievement.

Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., CMI-V, is a nationally renowned forensic criminologist and retired police detective with the San Jose (CA) Police Department. Dr. Martinelli directs the nation’s only Forensic Death Investigations & Independent review Team and is the author of the new book, “The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police,”