The Disgusting Kate Steinle Murder Acquittal – Time for a “reckoning!”

Ron Martinelli, Ph.D.
Forensic Criminologist/Law Enforcement Expert
Copyright 12-01-17
I cannot begin to express my anger and frustration at the so-called criminal “justice” system is the People’s Republic Sanctuary City of San Francisco. In my eyes, the City was complicit in the murder of Kate Steinle. Yes, a 5-times deported criminal illegal immigrant recidivist felon pulled the trigger, but the City of SF and their disgusting Sheriff’s Department’s illegal, leftist, pro-illegal criminal alien sanctuary city policies loaded his gun that killed poor Kate.
The San Francisco criminal justice system was “played” to deny victim Steinle, her family and the good citizens of San Francisco their due process and justice. The real “totality of circumstances” regarding the intersection of five times deported, felony recidivist, illegal alien killer Jose Garcia Zarate was not provided to the jury who ultimately decided to acquit Zarate of killing Ms. Steinle.
The jurors knew nothing about Zarate’s criminal history in the U.S. Zarate’s repeated drugs offenses, his flagrant violations and abuse of U.S. laws, his five previous deportations, nor his probation status while killing Ms. Steinle. Zarate’s ridiculous, multiple, conflicting statements about how he had “found,” was manipulating and firing the semi-automatic pistol (stolen from the vehicle of a federal officer just previous to the killing) proximate to killing Steinle as she walked with her father on Pier 14 on a warm, sunny San Francisco day were laughable. The prosecution’s case was an incompetent joke.
The defense’s equally ridiculous defense of this vile murderer as simply “accidentally firing” the gun that ultimately and “accidentally” killed Steinle ultimately resonated with the jury who had been legally obstructed by the court from knowing the whole story about Zarate’s past and current criminal actions. Hence, they acquitted him of murdering Kate Steinle. An amazing and horrific miscarriage of justice. As a federal/state courts subject matter expert on shooting incidents and homicides, I haven’t been so enraged since OJ Simpson was acquitted of the double homicide of Nichole Simpson and Ron Goldman.
If there is one thing I have learned in nearly 40 years of consulting with municipal, state and federal governments is that NOTHING happens to effect positive change unless you hit government and voters in the pocket book. You need to inflict SERIOUS PUNITIVE financial damage. You must show NO mercy and offer NO quarter in the fight for truth, justice and freedom. You must lay EVERYONE out! How can we begin to accomplish our fight together? One solution that can IMMEDIATELY begin to negatively impact the City of SF is a TOTAL BOYCOTT of all city revenue sources. That means NOT visiting SF, not using city services, not staying in hotels, not holding/attending conferences in SF, not eating in restaurants, not shopping in city stores, not supporting any business associated with the City of SF, not flying out of or into the SF International Airport.
As a person who grew up and lived in San Francisco during my younger years, I have seen a once beautiful, vibrant, safe and fun city degrade into a homeless and illegal alien infested, unsafe, crime ridden, urine and defecation smelling urban cesspool, governed by some of the most uber-liberal, leftist, anti Rule of Law politicians in the nation.
The circumstances that directly led to the murder of Kate Steinle took years to evolve and were tacitly if not directly ratified, validated, encouraged and enabled by a generation of old style hippie leftists, liberal university professors, selfish and self-serving millineal dot-comers and open borders advocates.
The Christmas Season is upon us and this is a huge tax income generating source for the City. Let’s hit there as a start. Our firm’s graphic artist designed a BOYCOTT SF logo for use in our fight for freedom. I have deliberately not trademarked it so that you can all use and share it with others. Please join me in this important fight to bring justice to Kate Steinle’s family and to ALL American citizens like Kate. Share this logo on your emails; on social media; in your communications with others. #BOYCOTTSF!
Only when the city’s and business revenues, city services for tax payers and the city’s reputing are hurting, will voters finally realize that they need to remove their city’s leftist administration and sanctuary city attitude. remember what happened to Las Vegas after former President Obama publicly suggested that people not hold/attend conferences there. Within a year, the city’s economy was reduced by over 20% and LV became depressed. We can do the same or better in San Francisco. This will work!
Will you join me in boycotting the City of San Francisco? If we don’t make a stand now, then when will we ever? The Kate Steinle’s of this country deserve a better environment to live than the lawless environment Sanctuary Cities of this nation. Let’s start with San Francisco now!
God Bless and Be Safe.
DrRon Martinelli